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Dinner Done

Well, everyone who is going home tonight already left.  That's everyone except Lilith's family since Fitzgald is pretty far away and Philia because she doesn't travel as well as the rest of us.  Mary and Dalis go back with Garr and Chelsea to Phandaria, Karyl just travels some more and stays in an inn or camps out and Bruiser says that a real man never backs down from a challenge.

So Stahn and I get to camp out on the!  He'll be up early; the kids won't let him sleep there.  But I'll at least get enough rest for the day ahead.  The only year we didn't do the camping out was when I was pregnant with Kyle; Lilith refused to let me sleep on the floor while with child.

Well...I'm gonna get ready for bed now; a girl does need her beauty sleep.
Tags: holidays
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