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Okay, I know I haven't been writing a lot, again...but I have a good reason.   Right now, I'm doing a lot of work on my memiors, which I plan to eventually publish.  Yeah, I know, don't say it.  "[I'm] just trying to make a fast buck off the story of a hero's journey."  Actually, all proceeds are going to go to the Dunamis Orphanage and other charities around the world.

But the main reason I want to write them is to get the full story of the war out in the open.  There are things we couldn't talk about at the time because of issues relating to how people thought after it was over.  So we four decided to write our memiors down and eventually get them published some time after it all calmed down.  On the day they all would hit bookstores, all of the world leaders would make an announcement concerning the events of the war that were yet to be told.  Nothing was covered up, but certain nuances would only hinder rebuilding at that time.

It'll also get a real weight off my shoulders when talking to Kyle.  Let's just say there are some distressing things in that book that I might have trouble telling him, and leave it at that.
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