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I'm going to write a new story about Dragons!  Another one of my therapist's "wonderful" ideas.  She thinks that if I write about ideal situations involving me and the people I lost, in settings as far removed from the real world as I can, then I'll be able to better cope with my emotions.  Not that I'm not coping, but my therapist needs to give me more advice than necessary all the time.

Basic plot goes that I'm a Dragon princess and my kind has been at war with humans for centuries.  However, one day this demon appeared in the lands and we were forced to work together to destroy it.  Afterwards, the leaders (my father and Garr's) decide to make peace because they see the good that can come of it.  So me, Stahn, Lilith, Baccus, Mary, Dalis, my brother (the crowned prince) and his maid go to the human realms, hoping to facilitate the treaty.   And all hell breaks loose from there as cultures clash.

It will have gratuitious romance between the usual lovers in our world, and the Swordians will put on an appearance.  And the Swordians will return as well, just because I want to have Atwight with me again.

And if you pervs think of that in a sexual way...I am going to kick your asses!

Rutee...calm down.

Eh...sorry.  Reflex.  Nothing wrong with people in love with their same gender, but I don't want my every move with anyone, man or woman, thought of as sexual.
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