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The Crimson Rose

Monday, April 21, 2008


Been real busy the last few months, that's why I haven't written anything.  Really, playing some of the games that Stahn brought me for Christmas in my free time, trying (trying is the key word...I'm not good at it) to do some art for the kids, realizing a certain song reminds me of a certain dead swordsman and reading.

Okay...here are a list of hilights over the past few months.

1. Stahn's birthday.  Lilith watched the kids and we went out for an entire day together (though I think Starfire was just a little too excited to have someone riding her and she nearly bucked him off going too fast...not my fault he's used to riding a horse to corral sheep while my horse is trained for combat).

2. Kyle's birthday (he's two already...oh my goodness).  Watching a little kid open presents is always so adorable.  Though Scruff wanted to play with all the wrapping paper and Vapor had to get him out of it (my Vaporeon is a bit of an overprotective mother).

3. I finally found some books I've been looking for for months (not the one I'm really looking for though...the bookstore that I got a gift certificate to is a worse maze than Dycroft and I have to go back cuz I left my gift certificate home and just got a coupon for shopping there).  Will have to read them soon.

[[OOC: Yes, I'm talking about a real bookstore here...it's so hard to navigate except to find the manga section and the clearly labled music section]]

Well...that's about it for me.  Maybe I can get less lazy and actually write more often.

Current mood: accomplished

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

11:30PM - Okay...

I wanted to write earlier, but a big snowstorm hit Cresta and cut the power to the computer.  We had to make due with a second hand guitar that Karyl gave us and some badly sung sing-a-longs.  The kids liked it, though Aaron told Stahn not to sing.  He's not that good, but he loves to do it.  Unfortunately for me sometimes...but it's sweet that he uses it to serenade me when I'm in pain.

But Espy loves singing.  She's got an amazing voice for a Pokemon.  Every one of my Eeveevolutions have different talents: Espy loves to sing, Umbry loves to battle, Glace is a nurse, Leefa is a contest fan and Vapor pretty much loves to do a bit of everything.

And also, I took Leefa to a Pokemon Contest today.  She came in third place out of twenty Pokemon.  Granted, Leefa needs time before she can become a contest expert, but I know she'll do her best.

Current mood: accomplished

Monday, January 7, 2008

4:15PM - Lazy

I really have to get to work with my projects; I'm so tired lately that I haven't had the gumption.  Stahn said he'd watch the kids tonight so I could actually get some work done on my own creative endevors.  Some of it is just for fun while others are therepudic in helping me deal with my past.

I also have to go see my therapist tonight.  She's been off due to the holidays so I haven't been since December.  So there's a lot of catching up and a lot of picking at my overractive brain.

Oh and I know it's three months away, but I have to start planning for Kyle's birthday.  He'll be three this year and that means he can enroll in the new Cresta Nursary School this September.  Public schooling is quite new in Seinegald and still doesn't beat the private tutors that the rich hire, but it's something.  Knowing my luck, though, Kyle will be just as dense as his father even after schooling.

I wonder if your father would have hired you a tutor...

Stahn...no comment on that!


Because I'm not writing about my father in this journal.

What if your therapist suggests writing it all down here to get it off your chest?

Then I'll consider it.  But now, now.

Current mood: bored

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

6:26PM - New Year

Well, it's that time again.  We rang in the New Year last night with a bang.  All our friends came over for a big party...though it took some time to get the kids to go to bed; they wanted to stay up with us.  As the clock struck twelve, we threw confettie all over the place and cheered to our hearts content.

Since Philia was bugging me, here are my New Year's Resolutions for this year; not like I'll keep them long...

1.  Loose weight.  I know, a popular one, but I just haven't been the same since I gave birth to Kyle; I ate for two during the pregnancy and then I continued to eat every time I was stressed over caring for the baby.

2. Get my psychiatrist to finally give me some useful advice.  Not like anything I've ever said before has worked.

3. Practice that trumpet more.  Got it from someone who knew someone who knew my late mother...apparently she used to play when she was alive.  I still need some sheet music for it, though.

4. Spend more time with the relatives.  Sure, it's just Lilith, Baccus and Rimul, but they're all the way out in Lienea.  So we never really get together.

5. Go to my parents' graves more; sometimes just beeing there makes me feel better when I think about how I lost them.  And no I'm not saying where they are!

6. Finally...just have a good time with my family.

Current mood: apathetic

Friday, December 14, 2007

9:51PM - Music

Today was Cresta's annual holiday concert. The children at the orphanage all sing for the neighborhood, as do other children in town.  It always brings a tear to my eye to hear my kids sing; I can't wait until Kyle is old enough to join in.

Besides that, the holiday season is now upon us.  Stahn and I finished shopping...though I've already examined my presents and think I know what some of them are.  He's sometimes pretty obvious, but he knows what I like. 

Well, my memiors are almost finished too.  I feel a whole lot better having them written down because I got them off my chest.  And if I can't explain it to Kyle...I can let him read them.  That way, he knows where I come from and how my life got the way it did.

Current mood: artistic

Thursday, November 22, 2007

11:14PM - Dinner Done

Well, everyone who is going home tonight already left.  That's everyone except Lilith's family since Fitzgald is pretty far away and Philia because she doesn't travel as well as the rest of us.  Mary and Dalis go back with Garr and Chelsea to Phandaria, Karyl just travels some more and stays in an inn or camps out and Bruiser says that a real man never backs down from a challenge.

So Stahn and I get to camp out on the floor...joy!  He'll be up early; the kids won't let him sleep there.  But I'll at least get enough rest for the day ahead.  The only year we didn't do the camping out was when I was pregnant with Kyle; Lilith refused to let me sleep on the floor while with child.

Well...I'm gonna get ready for bed now; a girl does need her beauty sleep.

Current mood: exhausted

12:35PM - Dinner

Okay, I know I've been really late about updating this darn thing.  But sometimes I just don't have time since I have to care for the kids and get really tired.  Just forget about it; I don't need anyone hounding me.

In my haste, I skipped over Victory Day; that was another reason I didn't write much, I had to get ready.  We celebrated our victory over Kronos and freeing the world.  Feasted, the kids got a party and I had to keep a few people from bothering us for details on the battle; I relive it enough and don't need the constant hounding on a day meant to ease my mind.

Today, however, is the Harvest Festival aka Thanksgiving.  It was created because of the issues with food following the war.  Without the sunlight, crops had been damaged and some were considered non-edible.  While meat could be hunted, but veggies couldn't be grown in time for the winter.  People made do with what they had and were able to survive and flourish.  The holiday got its name because the survivors of the war were just happy to be alive after the loss of the sun, the death blasts, the falling Aethersphere and then the lack of food.

Everyone comes over to my place to eat dinner with Stahn and me.  Except for Garr and Chelsea, who come later due to the planning aspects (it's tough being a king), everyone is here now.  Lilith and Mary volunteered to cook, meaning I get a day off!  Though I did bake some pies in advance...and yes they're edible.  I've become a much better cook lately.

See you later on, if I have the time.

Current mood: amused

Monday, October 1, 2007

11:38PM - Ouch!

Guess what?  My foot is still in pain.  It was okay after Monday, but started hurting sharply on Friday and Saturday.  Stahn ran out to the store yesterday and got me a brace, which I need to wear all day.  Also, we got some cushions for my shoes in hopes of stopping this from happening again.

Stahn thinks it's a result of a war-wound; I did attempt some wild jumps during the war, and I did get injured on various parts of my body.  My therapist thinks my mind is in the clouds...neverimnd that I do not space out when watching the kids.  Lilith was making various inappropriate comments upon hearing what was up.

Oh well...at least I get a nice foot massage whenever I'm in pain.  It pays to have a husband that lives to comfort people.

Current mood: bored

Monday, September 24, 2007

10:31PM - Pull

Ugh!  I pulled a muscle today while running after the kids.  It hurts like hell and I couldn't do much running afterwards.  Luckily, I had Stahn there to take care of the children while I took a hot shower and let the water run on my injured foot.  And then, he brought me the things I needed so I didn't have to move it around much.  It's good to have a husband who cares.

Awwwwwwww...Ru-chan.  You're making me blush.

Well, you deserve it for being so good to me.


Just ignore it, darling.  I love you so much so of course I'm gonna comment on how well you treat me. 

Current mood: numb

Sunday, September 23, 2007

11:26PM - Memiors

Okay, I know I haven't been writing a lot, again...but I have a good reason.   Right now, I'm doing a lot of work on my memiors, which I plan to eventually publish.  Yeah, I know, don't say it.  "[I'm] just trying to make a fast buck off the story of a hero's journey."  Actually, all proceeds are going to go to the Dunamis Orphanage and other charities around the world.

But the main reason I want to write them is to get the full story of the war out in the open.  There are things we couldn't talk about at the time because of issues relating to how people thought after it was over.  So we four decided to write our memiors down and eventually get them published some time after it all calmed down.  On the day they all would hit bookstores, all of the world leaders would make an announcement concerning the events of the war that were yet to be told.  Nothing was covered up, but certain nuances would only hinder rebuilding at that time.

It'll also get a real weight off my shoulders when talking to Kyle.  Let's just say there are some distressing things in that book that I might have trouble telling him, and leave it at that.

Current mood: busy

Saturday, September 8, 2007

9:27PM - Street Fair

Stahn took me to the annual Cresta Street Fair today.  We managed to get a sitter again; it's a miracle there are people willing to watch a ton of orphans for the evening...but we do get enough helpers to let us go out once in awhile.  The kids came with us to the morning part of the festival, but we came home for dinner and just the two of us went out afterwards.

He may not be the brightest man, but Stahn is still the sweetest.  After at least ten tries, he won me a stuffed puppy at the water game.  We were originally going to look at a few other games with cuter prizes, but decided skill would be more fun to play than luck.   And the puppy is adorable, it was just the other prizes at that booth that weren't.

After the games, we went over to the ice cream truck and had some chocolate cones.  We sat on the sidelenes of the fair, getting away from the crowds of people.  Then, we sat and watched the fireworks together.  It was nice to have some time for just the two of us...Stahn always makes sure to do that whenever he can.

Current mood: cheerful

Monday, September 3, 2007


Don't ask where I've been lately...I've just been a little removed from things.  Stahn brought me a new game and I've been playing it a lot.  Sometimes, I think he spoils me too much, but I don't mind.

That and nothing really goes on around here.  I work to take care of the kids and protect my family.  Monsters don't come too near to the towns so I don't need to fight much; I have more issues from perverts trying to sneak a peak at me in the shower.  And Stahn's with me, so I'm never alone.

I don't know what I'd do without him.  Ever since the tragedy, Stahn's been the one right by my side.  And when the Swordians were sacrificed, he and I cried together in one of the Draconis' rooms; I didn't want anyone else to see me cry, but he knew I needed some comfort.  Even though I'd loved him deep within for a long time, I know that was the moment where I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

Of course, I didn't say so right away.  It wasn't until he walked me home after the reunion party that we moved in together.  That whole year, I know I felt something missing with him not around.  He...he was the onliy one who could ever understand me; my therapist tries, but she's unable to feel my deepest pains becaus she didn't travel with me.

Well, enough on the depressing note.  Tomorrow is another day after all!  And I've got lots of things planned as well.

Current mood: apathetic

Monday, August 27, 2007

8:31PM - Dragons

I'm going to write a new story about Dragons!  Another one of my therapist's "wonderful" ideas.  She thinks that if I write about ideal situations involving me and the people I lost, in settings as far removed from the real world as I can, then I'll be able to better cope with my emotions.  Not that I'm not coping, but my therapist needs to give me more advice than necessary all the time.

Basic plot goes that I'm a Dragon princess and my kind has been at war with humans for centuries.  However, one day this demon appeared in the lands and we were forced to work together to destroy it.  Afterwards, the leaders (my father and Garr's) decide to make peace because they see the good that can come of it.  So me, Stahn, Lilith, Baccus, Mary, Dalis, my brother (the crowned prince) and his maid go to the human realms, hoping to facilitate the treaty.   And all hell breaks loose from there as cultures clash.

It will have gratuitious romance between the usual lovers in our world, and the Swordians will put on an appearance.  And the Swordians will return as well, just because I want to have Atwight with me again.

And if you pervs think of that in a sexual way...I am going to kick your asses!

Rutee...calm down.

Eh...sorry.  Reflex.  Nothing wrong with people in love with their same gender, but I don't want my every move with anyone, man or woman, thought of as sexual.

Current mood: creative

Sunday, August 26, 2007

8:53PM - Festival of the Dragon

Stahn and I went to the Dragon Festival today.  It was fun as usual.  We both dressed up in elemental tunics (Stahn had red and I had blue) over white shirts and yellow shorts, with Dragons on the front (yeah for the new invention of the personal picture printer, and iron ons).  Kyle was in a mini version of it with his daddy's colors.  After getting some sitters, the three of us were off!

We got to see a few swordfights as well as a knighted joust.  There was a firebreathing act (fitting for a Dragon Festival) and some magic shows.  I even got a pair of Dragon Horns to wear as a headband.  Though I had to restrain myself from punching a few of the wenches that wanted to get flirty with my husband, nothing really dampened our day; even the rain held off.  

Stahn also took part in a volunteer sword contest.  He only did so because this swordsman jerk decided that a cute girl like me shouldn't be with a "knave" like Stahn.  Seriously!  My husband and I are heroes!  How egotistical is that guy if he thinks he's better than someone who saved the world.  And besides, only Stahn understands my feelings.

Ru-chan...you're making me blush!

Eh, didn't know you were listening there.  Gotta go...!

What did I say?  Oh well...better save this for her!

Current mood: exanimate

Saturday, August 25, 2007

10:29PM - Late

Sorry for not being around; I've been busy preparing for tomorrow's Dragon Festival.  We have it every year, and Stahn and I always go.  It's also the birthday of...well, nobody you need to know about.  Just someone I knew and cared about who passed on durring the war.  The festival is my way of making things feel better for me.

We're going to go as a duo of warriors, though I am wearing much more than I wore during the war.  So no staring, ya pervs!  It'll be fun, just like last year.

You looked cute in your costume as a princess last year...

Oh be quiet, Stahn!

Anyway, I was preparing my costume and getting my sword in top shape all week.  Also, playing around with art graphics for me and Stahn.  I'm making a few pics of us, as well as some of my...oh nevermind.  You don't want to hear about that either.

Maybe talking about it will help you feel better.

Stahn...just keep out of it!  Excuse me, folks...I have to discuss something with my husband.  About leaving my personal business to myself, and not talking about things I don't want to...

Current mood: excited

Monday, August 20, 2007

11:04PM - Friends

Well Lilith, Baccus, Philia, Mary, Dalis, Karyl, Chelsea and Garr came to visit us today; Bruiser was too busy kicking butt over at the arena.  We all went out to eat at yet another Mist Island themed restraunt.  This time, I had noodles and chicken...it was a light but good meal.

This was also the first time that Lilith was able to bring her daughter, Rimul, on the road with her to see us.  So everyone was excited as they saw the girl for the first time.  Though Kyle slept through it...Rimul tried to get him up by screaming but to no avail.  Like Mother like Daughter...and another generation of Aileron Family Tormenting is about to begin.

Current mood: amused

Sunday, August 19, 2007

8:13PM - Food!

Stahn took me out to eat today.  We got some of the neighbors to watch the orphans, so the two of us could spend some time alone.  We went to our favorite restraunt, a buffet featuring both local delicacies and stuff coming from the Mist Islands.

The little I know about myself is that my family is of Mist Island ancestry.  So, I've always enjoyed partaking in their cuisine and trying to get into my heritage a little bit.  Such as my big obsession with sushi...I have to get a few pieces every time we go out.

Now that we're home, I'm trying to work on a report for some things I need to get done.  It's more or less an analysis of my family tree the way I know it.  Not something I'm showing to anyone else, but something that my therepist has said could be better for my psyche.  She was also the one who suggested that Stahn and I have a kid soon after our marriage; considering I got pregnant on my wedding night...we didn't have to plan anything at all in that regard.  But some of her suggestions have helped me to cope, and for that I'm grateful.

A bunch of our friends are coming over tomorrow evening, and we're going out to eat again.  I swear...I'm going to be fatter than I was when I was pregnant with Kyle at this rate!

Current mood: full

Friday, August 17, 2007

11:41PM - Goody...

Okay, it was not the best of days.  It rained and there was a thunderstorm.  As a former wielder of the Swordian of Water, the former part of it is nice for me, but the latter is a real pain for the kids; the younger orphans are still scared of storms and Kyle actually woke up from his nap early when a loud boom was heard.

When the lightning calmed down, I took Vapor and the other Water Pokemon, errrrrrrrrr...at least the ones that can walk, from my team out for a walk in the rain.  We do it every time there is some, just because they like it so much.  It's also fun to watch them chase after one another and use Water Gun to splash each other.

Current mood: chipper

Thursday, August 16, 2007

11:01PM - Lucky

Okay, I could not sleep last night.  Don't ask me why; it's not like there was a thunderstorm or one of the children had a nightmare and came into my bedroom for comfort.  But I tossed and turned until at least 2 AM.

Lucky for me, my darling husband is the worlds heaviest sleeper.  Seriously, it takes banging a ladel against a frying pan and screaming to wake him up in the morning.  So I didn't knock him around when I couldn't sleep.

We ended up taking the orphans out to the park for the day.  I let Vapor and the other girls romp in the grass while Stahn released Flare to do the same.  Kyle slept in his buggy the entire time along with Scruff.  The kid's just like his father sometimes it scares me...

Current mood: cheerful

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

10:44PM - I'm Trying...

Okay, Stahn told me to get this so I can write, so I'm trying to think of something to say.  I'm not the type to bear my soul freely to anyone except him.  But I'll say something about my day.

We had the kids at the orphanage do a project where they made presents for orphaned children in Neustadt.  Of course, Stahn and I were going over them to make sure everything was perfect.  In the end, we only had a few disasters and everything is gonna be shipped to Neustadt ASAP.

Though sometimes I think we need more help at the orphanage.  I mean, it's just the two of us with a bunch of orphaned kids, one baby of our own and the Pokemon that we've trained growing up.  There are times I debate getting my sister-in-law over here...but then I remember that she's crazy.

Too bad my brother's old crush isn't living around here anymore.  She up and left after his death, hoping to get away from the memories.  I feel sorry for her, but know that everyone has their own way of grieving.  She's sent me notes once in awhile, and I know she's still alive.

Well, that's my attempt at an entry.  Next time, I'll bean Stahn into helping me out.

Current mood: stressed