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The Crimson Rose

Rutee Katrea Aileron

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NOTE: This is a roleplaying journal, and all entries will be IC.

I'm a former Lens huter, thief and treasure hunter who donated all my earnings to the orphanage I grew up in. Sort of like Robin Hood, only I didn't have all those men at my command. However, I did have a best friend named Mary and a sentient sword named Atwight: the former an amnesiac I found and decided to help out, the latter being something I'd had since childhood, but couldn't remember who gave her to me and why. But eventually, I left that life behind after I got caught up in some earth shattering events that led me to becoming a hero...even though those events also cost me Atwight's life.

Don't remember too much about my family...only what I found out about them years later. Nor do I want to talk about it; it's a very sore subject for me. But what I will say is that I'll never forgive the one who caused their deaths. I may be able to move on and live my life without feeling pain, but I could never find it in my heart to forgive such a person.

Right now, I'm married to a wonderful man named Stahn. We have a son together named Kyle and raise the orphans in my hometown of Cresta. Of course, being former heroes and all isn't all it's cracked up to be. But we don't care, just as long as we're together.

I'm also still an accomplished Pokemon Trainer, and get some extra money by breeding along with other trainers who wish to impart certain egg moves from a Pokemon they possess onto another Pokemon; mine are all female so they have a choice of what race they want. The only one off limits to any of this is Vapor, my Vaporeon, because she will only mate with my husband's Flareon, Flare.

Rutee's PokéPet

Vapor the level 75 Vaporeon!