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I'm Trying...

Okay, Stahn told me to get this so I can write, so I'm trying to think of something to say.  I'm not the type to bear my soul freely to anyone except him.  But I'll say something about my day.

We had the kids at the orphanage do a project where they made presents for orphaned children in Neustadt.  Of course, Stahn and I were going over them to make sure everything was perfect.  In the end, we only had a few disasters and everything is gonna be shipped to Neustadt ASAP.

Though sometimes I think we need more help at the orphanage.  I mean, it's just the two of us with a bunch of orphaned kids, one baby of our own and the Pokemon that we've trained growing up.  There are times I debate getting my sister-in-law over here...but then I remember that she's crazy.

Too bad my brother's old crush isn't living around here anymore.  She up and left after his death, hoping to get away from the memories.  I feel sorry for her, but know that everyone has their own way of grieving.  She's sent me notes once in awhile, and I know she's still alive.

Well, that's my attempt at an entry.  Next time, I'll bean Stahn into helping me out.

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