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I wanted to write earlier, but a big snowstorm hit Cresta and cut the power to the computer.  We had to make due with a second hand guitar that Karyl gave us and some badly sung sing-a-longs.  The kids liked it, though Aaron told Stahn not to sing.  He's not that good, but he loves to do it.  Unfortunately for me sometimes...but it's sweet that he uses it to serenade me when I'm in pain.

But Espy loves singing.  She's got an amazing voice for a Pokemon.  Every one of my Eeveevolutions have different talents: Espy loves to sing, Umbry loves to battle, Glace is a nurse, Leefa is a contest fan and Vapor pretty much loves to do a bit of everything.

And also, I took Leefa to a Pokemon Contest today.  She came in third place out of twenty Pokemon.  Granted, Leefa needs time before she can become a contest expert, but I know she'll do her best.
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