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I really have to get to work with my projects; I'm so tired lately that I haven't had the gumption.  Stahn said he'd watch the kids tonight so I could actually get some work done on my own creative endevors.  Some of it is just for fun while others are therepudic in helping me deal with my past.

I also have to go see my therapist tonight.  She's been off due to the holidays so I haven't been since December.  So there's a lot of catching up and a lot of picking at my overractive brain.

Oh and I know it's three months away, but I have to start planning for Kyle's birthday.  He'll be three this year and that means he can enroll in the new Cresta Nursary School this September.  Public schooling is quite new in Seinegald and still doesn't beat the private tutors that the rich hire, but it's something.  Knowing my luck, though, Kyle will be just as dense as his father even after schooling.

I wonder if your father would have hired you a tutor... comment on that!


Because I'm not writing about my father in this journal.

What if your therapist suggests writing it all down here to get it off your chest?

Then I'll consider it.  But now, now.
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