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Okay, I know I've been really late about updating this darn thing.  But sometimes I just don't have time since I have to care for the kids and get really tired.  Just forget about it; I don't need anyone hounding me.

In my haste, I skipped over Victory Day; that was another reason I didn't write much, I had to get ready.  We celebrated our victory over Kronos and freeing the world.  Feasted, the kids got a party and I had to keep a few people from bothering us for details on the battle; I relive it enough and don't need the constant hounding on a day meant to ease my mind.

Today, however, is the Harvest Festival aka Thanksgiving.  It was created because of the issues with food following the war.  Without the sunlight, crops had been damaged and some were considered non-edible.  While meat could be hunted, but veggies couldn't be grown in time for the winter.  People made do with what they had and were able to survive and flourish.  The holiday got its name because the survivors of the war were just happy to be alive after the loss of the sun, the death blasts, the falling Aethersphere and then the lack of food.

Everyone comes over to my place to eat dinner with Stahn and me.  Except for Garr and Chelsea, who come later due to the planning aspects (it's tough being a king), everyone is here now.  Lilith and Mary volunteered to cook, meaning I get a day off!  Though I did bake some pies in advance...and yes they're edible.  I've become a much better cook lately.

See you later on, if I have the time.
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