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Street Fair

Stahn took me to the annual Cresta Street Fair today.  We managed to get a sitter again; it's a miracle there are people willing to watch a ton of orphans for the evening...but we do get enough helpers to let us go out once in awhile.  The kids came with us to the morning part of the festival, but we came home for dinner and just the two of us went out afterwards.

He may not be the brightest man, but Stahn is still the sweetest.  After at least ten tries, he won me a stuffed puppy at the water game.  We were originally going to look at a few other games with cuter prizes, but decided skill would be more fun to play than luck.   And the puppy is adorable, it was just the other prizes at that booth that weren't.

After the games, we went over to the ice cream truck and had some chocolate cones.  We sat on the sidelenes of the fair, getting away from the crowds of people.  Then, we sat and watched the fireworks together.  It was nice to have some time for just the two of us...Stahn always makes sure to do that whenever he can.
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