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Festival of the Dragon

Stahn and I went to the Dragon Festival today.  It was fun as usual.  We both dressed up in elemental tunics (Stahn had red and I had blue) over white shirts and yellow shorts, with Dragons on the front (yeah for the new invention of the personal picture printer, and iron ons).  Kyle was in a mini version of it with his daddy's colors.  After getting some sitters, the three of us were off!

We got to see a few swordfights as well as a knighted joust.  There was a firebreathing act (fitting for a Dragon Festival) and some magic shows.  I even got a pair of Dragon Horns to wear as a headband.  Though I had to restrain myself from punching a few of the wenches that wanted to get flirty with my husband, nothing really dampened our day; even the rain held off.  

Stahn also took part in a volunteer sword contest.  He only did so because this swordsman jerk decided that a cute girl like me shouldn't be with a "knave" like Stahn.  Seriously!  My husband and I are heroes!  How egotistical is that guy if he thinks he's better than someone who saved the world.  And besides, only Stahn understands my feelings.'re making me blush!

Eh, didn't know you were listening there.  Gotta go...!

What did I say?  Oh well...better save this for her!

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